Saying goodbye to a FANTASTIC 2011!!!

2011 may have started out a little slow but by March it was off and absolutely ROCKING. In March I opened the doors to a very quaint studio that’s really more like an apartment than a business and things went to volume 11 before I had barely gotten in the doors. I have met some of the most amazing people this year through photography and via downtown Macon and am planning to make 2012 make 2011 look puny! Back up to the end of January, I shot the WORLD FAMOUS Star Wars gallery – also called “Star Wars Last Supper” it seems in history and it was reblogged by 33 top “Geek” blogs including Geek-News.MTV and I’m actually in the IMDB database! This blogpost and those blogposts are still being viewed over a hundred times a day. That’s pretty damn exciting.

I had work in 46 publications,  had 4 covers,  2 photographer features in magazines, 7 Calendars and had a few other cosplays that went viral/were reblogged on Tumblr over 100,000 times and if you google “Robin Cook Star Wars”, over a million hits come up. All and all- it sounds like a LOT but I have way more to do. I worked with Star Wars costumers, Ghostbusters, BadGirl Villians, Video Game Girls, Zombies, Pinups, Dogs, Musicians, Models, business owners and enjoyed it all!

I am so very thankful for every single soul that came to work with me and became my friend.  YOU are my inspiration and my motivation!!

2012 I plan to make this business GROW. I’ll be offering more shoots and doing some traveling as requested! I better get busy now!

In the meantime, enjoy my FAVORITES from 2011!

Tessa Spangler
MUAH: Sarah – Lady MUA


Maggie Munster
MU: Ashley Croft
Hair: Nichole Mitchell, Signature Salon

Catwoman- Amber Lu
MUAH: Cherry Dame

Christian Williams
MU: Ashley Croft…. Hair: Nichole Mitchell, Signature Salon

Ashley Croft

Haley Hellian

Karinna Atlee

and my TOP 2 Favorites:

Shannon (Sushi SunDae)
(MUAH: Cherry Dame)

Amy G
(MUAH: Cherry Dame)