Star Wars Photoshoot…Part 1

This was way EPIC! Some folks might think the idea of hanging out with a bunch of Star Wars geeks may be odd but for me it was just amazing! I think the idea that geeks are just that-  is finally a thing of the past. I proudly wave my Geek flag.  I’m a Star Wars fangirl and love it! I was never been the popular girl and never fit in with the “in” crowd and it took me most of my life to realize that it was ok to be completely different.  One thing I totally love is Science Fiction. I almost feel like how could anyone NOT love it!? But I know people that think it’s stupid. So sad for them- I love it. I was introduced to Science Fiction when I was just 7 yrs old – it was to Star Wars, by my dad. I was in awe of the characters, and just everything about it. I am still that way to day.  Robots, Monsters, Transforming cars, Zombies, MAGIC – give it to me!! So I decided a few months ago to the Star Wars shoot and i never even imagined it would come together as well as it would. And now I just want to do more. I have a list of movies I want to do photoshoots of. And I hope nobody out there is planning stuff and if so, I’d better get it on paper!

In fact, i’m calling out to Movie Production Companies- I want to do photos for movies!!! I plan to do more theme shoots like this!

HUGE huge thanks to Jon Foster of the 501st Legion Maldorian Mercs for finding me and reaching out and working with me to get this to go down.  And HUGE thanks to all those that showed up on Saturday including the cast of girls I’d selected.  When Jon’s group started rolling in with all their gear I could have almost cried! I was expecting some guys but not with all the amazing stuff they brought. I will say though that next time, we will split up the shoot to go for a few days instead of just one.

The MAIN cast consisted of:
Cherry Dame– Hair and Makeup Artist- only THE Best MUAH in the entire world!
Brix Nobodee– Lady Vader – Corset & Cape by Evening Arwen
Andy Steel- Darth Vader
Laura Harrell (Haley Hellian) – Slave Leia
Amber Lu– Oola the Twi’lek
Mike Koske- Boba Fett
Magenta Costley– Padme
Mandolynne Hopkins– Femme Storm Trooper
….. and gosh a whole list of others that just instantly friended with me worked so wonderfully with me!  This was an effort that took 2 months of planning and assembling what I believe to be the perfect cast.  Cherry Dame came down from Atlanta and did hair and makeup wizardry.  We started at 10 am and I did not say “That’s a WRAP” until a little after 7 pm! ALL of us can be found on Facebook!

Find me on Facebook –!/pages/Robin-Cook-Photography/ (or just Robin Gatti Cook). although you’ll find more photos on this blog probably! or email

Enjoy some of my favs- it’s a lot!


The Last Supper!


54 thoughts on “Star Wars Photoshoot…Part 1

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  10. I suspect some serious genetic drift among those storm troopers…

    Great photo shoot! Makes me want to caption the pix in a major way.

  11. THESE ARE AMAZING. Gorgeous and incredible and super sexy and whoa whoa whoa!! No words!

    I LOVE the pizza ones, those to me are the most creative and brilliant.

    Tattooed Slave Leia + Boba Fett is disturbingly hot.

    And the girl dressed as Padme, whoa. I love her look. She looks like an anime character or a porcelain doll or some combination of the two.

    BUT! Everyone looked amazing. Fabulously well done by every one involved.

    I wish I could’ve been involved in something like this. I think I need to start working on some costumes, stat. :)

    • Thank you Sara! I love doing this type of shoot. I am ALWAYS Looking for costumes for upcoming shoots! I love doing merchandise photos so if you know of any companies/people with amazing costumes they would like photographed- please please send them my way! ! I have a a few big things coming up now!

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  39. I just stumbled across your site via the “Geek Tyrant.” You’ve done an incredible job! Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing your next project. Best wishes in your future endeavours.

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