Day 21 – Feelin’ Fruity!

Well…I was going to have to report that I had nuttin’ today but realized I had a few pieces of fruit in the fridge soo……’s what I got! I had some ideas for some other stuff but sadly…my helper would only hold my stand for me 5 minutes! I have GOT to get a softbox tilt adapter!!!!

And by the way- Apples & fruit are fantastically yummy together!

Day 19 – Today was a helluva Week

Goodness January is turning out to be busier than I had expected! Busy at day work and busy with the photography.  I’m glad of it all though! I like being busy even if I do end up running around like a chicken with my noggin’ chopped off. Here are 2 from a wonderful home shoot today. I used mostly ambient throughout the home and only used my lights to bring up a few spots. I love homes the easily fill with sunlight!

I love the blue vase against the white and yellow!

Day 18- Agent Headshots

This evening I met with some wonderful Real Estate agents at ReMax Properties Plus and did headshots. It was fun meeting new people and doing headshots using my whole setup- first time this year with the Gray background other than for play. I had planned on doing a 4 light setup but ended up with just 3 because one of my Skyports failed me. Fun part was that it meant I got to make the agents each hold the reflector! I ordered Radio Poppers the other day and they should arrive in a few days. I hope these are 100% reliable. It’s SO embarrassing getting to a shoot and having to improvise. One time during a home shoot- NONE of them would fire and it was almost dark so I ended up using a B400 to fire optically and mt 430ex in the hotshoe. Surprisingly, the shoot turned out well….must have been all the cursing…or praying! :-)

2 of my favs from the shoot

Day 15- Let’s get this season rollin’

I’m ready- Heck, I’m always ready, even when I’m not ready! I am admittedly an overly anxious, eager, passionate photographer and I get so excited about every shoot I do. Today I finally got to “start the season” with the first home shoot of the year. I have another one for Tuesday, postponed because my mom was supposed to be discharged from the hospital today but now….they said they wanted to hold her a little longer and it with either be tonight or tomorrow morning. All I know is being at the hospital will suck the life right out of you! Back to the home shoot- today was a good one. A very nice “southern” home…nice, open,and flat. I love doing the home shoots but today was a little nerve-racking since one of my skyports decided to refused to work! I’ll be ordering some new triggers this weekend….some that won’t leave me hanging. Today’s shoot was done with just 2 lights.

Day 14- I’m ready for spring!!

I am soooooo ready for spring to be sprung! There are signs of it everywhere and I love when the weather warms up and there are flowers everywhere and it’s just so gorgeous. However, right now there really aren’t all those great things and it’s just blah. Mom is still in the hospital but doing really well. I am exhausted and ready to be home sleeping in my own bed. Plus tonight Bones & Fringe are new – yeah! I won’t blabber on but instead I will post some shots of my visit today to Coleman Hill. Last nite I posted some shots that showed shots of Coleman Hill from the hospital and so today I thought it would be cool to take some shots from Coleman Hill of the hospital!

Day 13 – In the local paper!

Ed Grisamore, local columnist, had a great article in the local Macon Telegraph, about two adoptees- Michael Lange & AC with one of my photos!

Please read the article to know more about both of them. Some people may have seen my posts on my other blog about how I’ve done some work with a local Animal Control to make a calendar to help raise money for the shelter. AC is the mascot dog I worked with and this is what this is all about. How awesome they not only used one of the photos but also made a mention of me! Hopefully it will continue to help raise awareness about the shelter and help dogs and cats to continue to be adopted.

Previous blog post about AC & the calendar

WOW I just got a copy of the paper and the article is a front page!! My photo is HUGE! Here are some shots of it all.

Day 12- Sunrise of Day 13

I admit, I wasn’t able to do a post yesterday because I was just too worn out from being at the hospital yesterday. However, I am going to play catch up today and do 2! Today is mom’s surgery so hopefully all will go well and I can do the evening one I’m planning on. In any case- here is the sunrise from the hospital. I couldn’t figure out how to get the view I wanted from outdoors, so I had to hunt down some windows on mom’s floor so please excuse the glare!